Whenever you are planning for online business or you are planning
to sell your business services using the internet you have to
think about the website development first

CRM Software
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Building in continuous improvement

CRM Customer Relationship Management Software & business process automation system enables you to monitor your system for activities; it allows you to email your customers, notify an account manager, send a report, or even ship out a product. Developing CRM software will manage organization interaction with customers and enhance business relationships.


Operational CRM

Focusing on customers’ value is important for a successful operational CRM strategy as it ensures more efficient distribution protocols and increases your profit margins.


Analytical CRM

If your organization’s back-office needs operations and analysis then we can help you to develop a custom Analytical CRM that deeply investigates customers’ behaviors on which capitalization is done.


Collaborative CRM

Our smart Collaborative CRM understands the business goals, identifies the stakeholders, and measures the effectiveness of the strategy.


Strategic CRM

A customer’s voice is very important for the survival of any business, Our Strategic CRM Services follows the customer’s 1st approach while implementing custom solutions.


Scalable CRM

Scalable CRM is the need of any growing business organization. Our scalable CRM solutions help to improve decision making, enhance productivity, encourage teamwork, and centralized access to data.


Custom CRM

We design, build and maintain custom CRM software that is intuitive, mobile responsive, and completely in line with the company’s reputation.

Automate your business with CRM Software

Dow Group dwell into your business, completely understand your
business, we listen & understand your problems and provides
you the best solution that automate the process of
your organization which enhance your
business performance.

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We don't just build websites, we build stunning websites that SELLS

At Dow Group we understand our clients’ goals & we seek to identify a creative
strategy and direction that achieves your goals and objectives
whether they involve web design, web development
or an overall marketing strategy.